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We are a front of patriotic engineers who strongly believe that our country can come out of the current socioeconomic crisis in which it is engulfed and become a developed country through progressive and sustainable development. We believe that it is our responsibility to come forward and actively contribute towards this endeavor, by influencing policy making bodies of the country.

Sri Lanka Podujana Engineers' Front aim to unite Sri Lankan engineers into a common front with the above vision and to shape the future of Sri Lanka, through collaboration with other professions

Vision & Mission

To build a prosperous Sri Lanka with a sustainable economy and, an enduring social and cultural harmony and deliver professional contributions required for the national level political leadership of the party, for developing proposals, plans, strategies, and policies required for accomplishing national level development targets, and implementing, monitoring, evaluating and improving development projects, through engineering professionals belongs to all ethnic groups utilizing engineering skills adhering to professional ethics.

Our Team

Eng. Vijitha Herath


Eng. Samantha Indika


Eng. Anura Walpola

National Organizer

Eng. Malaka Gunasekara


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If you are interested in pursuing management and leadership opportunities in administration sector of Sri Lanka, you can have your achievements recognised through the Sri Lanka Podujana Engineers Front. SLPEF membership gives engineers the opprtunities and power they need to be better informed and better connected within the Sri Lanka's most professional community.


Become a member of success story by being a part of an elite community committed to engineering a better Sri Lanka. By offering members to access political and a wide range of administration services and resources. SLPEF actively encourages the continuing professional development of Sri Lanka.

Creative Display

With joining SLPEF, engineers are capable to showcase their creative abilities and potential through extensive use of varied resources in order to explore, discover and also invent through obtaining new development ideas for Sri Lanka.

Social Welfare

Since SLPEF was founded, the SLPEF has organized and participated many life-changing, sustainable projects to capture the development goals of the country. With your help, we can make lives better in Sri Lanka and around the world.


it is nice to know you are not alone. As a member of slpef, you are part of a community of like-minded profesionals who dedicates to the development of Sri Lanka. There are innumerable opportunities to collaborate with your peers and support the development of Sri Lanka.


As a member, you’ll be committed to maintaining your membership and we’re committed to helping you succeed. With a wide range of approved activities available to you including job opportunities, development resource planning & decision making, volunteering, events and meetings.


Develop your knowledge, contacts and broaden your horizons. Our organization provides excellent opportunities for you to join with growth of the Sri Lanka. As engineers, slpef gives opportunities to join proffesional, political and administrative path of the Sri Lanka.

Let's make a positive impact on the development of Sri Lanka!

As the Sri Lanka's most powerful engineers organization for professional engineers, we are passionate about moving Sri Lanka forward!

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